Durable. Fast.
No Compromise.

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Robust, High Performance Accessories.

These days, running out of power and falling off the grid is not an option. OTTERBOX CONNECTED+ features a range of premium mobile accessories that perfectly partners streamlined design aesthetics with robust, durable materials. This collection is engineered to trusted OtterBox standards, so you can depend on them when your battery is running low.

Durable. Fast. No Compromise.

Accessories Series

You stay ready to capture, share and connect.


Ultra-strong. Designed to Last.

Your favourite charging cable. Charge up your device with this high-performance OtterBox cable, made robust for long-term durability. Available in USB-A to USB-C.

Robust, Durable Cable. Long-life Use.

Upgrade your charging experience with the streamlined, reinforced cable that’s made to last. Lab-tested for extended strain relief it offers ultra-fast charging and its braided nylon exterior prevents tangling or fraying. Available with Micro USB.

Ultra-Fast Durable Cables

You’re serious about your mobile world, about protecting your connection to what matters most. Meet OtterBox CONNECTED+ cables - heavy-duty and ultra-fast. Made for iPhone.

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High-Speed Car Chargers

Plug in to this high-speed, robust Car Charger, hit the road and stay connected. Robust, high-performance and engineered to last.

Power Up On the Move

Designed with accelerated dual USB port charge, giving you rapid power on two devices simultaneously. You stay ready to capture, share and connect.

Vibration Tested. Travel Friendly.

Store this charger in your bag or your glove box, its robust design handles whatever the day throws at you, powering your device when you need it most.

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Durable High Speed Power Packs

You’re free to get away from it all, exploring new destinations with enough power to seek out hidden gems from day to night. Capture, share and connect with confidence.

Stay Connected

Dust and splash resistant with convenient battery status indicator. Durable Power Packs with high speed charging.

Pack the Power

Perfect for business or travel. Available in 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh. 10,000mAh equals the capacity of five iPhone 7 batteries; get the 20,000 mAh power pack to double that.

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