The classroom of the future is here

OtterBox is ready for what's next with our protective solutions. Our cases extend the use of delicate, expensive mobile technology in the classroom and across the education system that benefits administrators, teachers and students alike. Our protective solutions provide dependability, longevity and confidence when using mobile technology learning tools in and out of the classroom, creating the ultimate learning experience. We provide protective solutions to make a transformational impact.
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Dependable to be there every step of the way

Mobile technological tools help administrators, teachers and students gain knowledge of the world around us with the touch of a finger.

With OtterBox protective solutions, you can ensure your mobile devices work every time. Our high quality, rugged protective solutions enable our customers in the educational setting to gain access instantly, excelling every step of the way.

Longevity to make a lasting impact

Like a well-rounded education, we want our protective solutions to aid mobile learning tools in withstanding the test of time.

OtterBox protective solutions extend the lives of mobile technology tools and help to keep these devices up and running, without damage, longer. We are proud to provide protection that helps make a lasting impact.

Confidence to change the world

While we believe there is no better way to learn than by "doing," we understand that these settings can lead to a high risk of damage to technology.

OtterBox cases enable delicate, expensive technology learning tools to withstand more use and resist potential damage better, resulting in lower maintenance and replacement costs.
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