Get in the field and stay there longer

Deploying mobile technology can yield immense efficiency gains. It can also introduce new challenges for device maintenance and productivity. OtterBox products enable higher up-time levels, increased efficiency and better returns on investments when mobile technology is utilized in challenging environments.
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Enablement to put technology everywhere

Our passion is enablement. We know how important it is that your mobile technology tools go where you need them.

OtterBox cases are so effective that they ensure productivity levels are uninterrupted and extend where and how mobile technology can be utilized. Let our passion empower you to effectively and proficiently get the job done.

Reliability to lend a dependable hand

OtterBox products are designed, built and tested to exceed stringent standards of performance and quality.

Customers trust OtterBox products to deliver and protect in challenging situations. Let our passion free you up to consistently lend a dependable hand, even in those challenging situations.

Knowledge to be solutions-oriented

We've got a dedicated team that has extensive experience in the unique needs and requirements of the government channel.

Our focus is on providing value-added solution services and project management that ensure on-time deployment installations. Let our passion free you up to be solutions-oriented.
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