TRAVELLING is the only thing that makes you richer.

- Sounds like a cliche maybe but we couldn’t agree with this quote more.

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mother taking selfie of herlef and her child

We love travelling for work and pleasure, its transformed us in many ways as individuals, as a couple and now as a family. We aim to have a perfect blend of family travel, adventure travel and work, sharing our stories and experiences via travel stories and amazing images.

We love city breaks, far flung holidays, and everything in between. We love to share the best food we eat, the secret tips to having the best time, and hidden treasures discovered along the way.

We are thrill seekers, lovers of cheese and wine, world travellers, adventure finders, misadventure attractors, and a fun loving couple who just wants to explore the world together. Along the way we create #preciousmemories, protected by @otterbox_europe.

This year was a rollercoaster, the best road trip we made. Crazy how much footage we shot the last year during our traveling, then of course was the birth of our little monkey, discovering the world nowwith the three of us. We captured so many moments, memories that will stay forever. Thanks to @otterbox_europe, who provided us with so much cool stuff that we brought with us on every trip. Enjoy and capture is key, protection is a must.

We hope to inspire, inform and entertain people through our experiences and stories! Embrace the fun, enjoy the craziness, and let’s take on the world together! Happy travels.

I could watch this video of all our amazing memories with just the two of us over and over and over again. So excited for our upcoming trip together with our little Eloi boy to our fave destination Lisbon this weekend! Let's create lot's more amazing memories as a family. Thanks to @otterbox_europe for taking care of our precious gear!

Signing off for now.

father taking picture of child on a swing