Core Series For The Future

Core Series For The Future

We are happy to say that we continue to make small steps toward our sustainability efforts. And we’re always looking for more ways to improve our innovations to better the world around us.

Core Series is a bold step on our journey towards a greener future. Our engineers are revolutionising the use of recycled plastics to create phone cases that are protective, beautiful and designed to complement both iPhone and Samsung devices.

With this series, our engineers created a recipe unique to them using recycled material developed from post-industrial waste — AKA rubbish. After grinding this waste into small pieces and mixing with a few other ingredients, they cooked up a grippy case that grabs attention and is comfortable to carry.

Core series - iPhone cases

"(We wanted to…) make something that overtly looked recycled so that from across the room, you could see this product on the shelf and be like, oh, I know that's recycled without even reading about it.”

John Fitzgerald | Lead Industrial Designer

We have a full lineup of colourways designed to delight. 

What's exciting is that no two cases are ever alike. The regrind material acts like confetti flecks in the finish, making the colouring configurations a little different every time.

"We wanted to make more efforts towards the sustainability of products, knowing that it’s an initiative for us and a core value for our customers. And so, we were really trying to find a way to move our products in that direction."

Leslie Shade | Product Manager

Our sustainability efforts are continuing throughout other parts of our brand. By the end of 2023, we estimate that we will have repurposed more than 4.6 million pounds of recycled content. And our cases come in recyclable packaging that’s ready for your at-home recycling bin.

We feel that there are always ways to improve our responsibility to the environment. So we continue to focus on how we can be better. Which is constantly questioning how we can build smarter, run leaner and be greener.

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